Journal Articles

L. Reichert, S. Brack, and B. Scheuermann
A Survey of Automatic Contact Tracing Approaches
ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare, 2021
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Conference Papers

L. Reichert, M. Pazelt, and B. Scheuermann
Circuit-based PSI for Covid-19 Risk Scoring
IPCCC 2021, IEEE, 2021
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S. Brack, L. Reichert, and B. Scheuermann
Decentralized Contact Tracing Using a DHT and Blind Signatures
2020 IEEE 45th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), Sydney, Australia, IEEE, 2020
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P. Schoppmann, A. Gascón, L. Reichert, and M. Raykova
Distributed Vector-OLE: Improved Constructions and Implementation
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS '19), ACM, 2019
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Workshop Presentations

L. Reichert, S. Brack, and B. Scheuermann
Lighthouses: A Warning System for Super-Spreader Events
2021 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC Workshops), IEEE, 2021
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L. Reichert, S. Brack, and B. Scheuermann
Ovid: Message-based Automatic Contact Tracing
NDSS Workshop on Secure IT Technologies against COVID-19 (CoronaDef), 2021
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Poster Papers

L. Reichert, S. Brack, , and B. Scheuermann
Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing of COVID-19 Patients
41st IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2020
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